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MeLine Skin Pigmentation Treatments

Introducing MeLine, an extraordinary non-invasive skincare solution for pigmentation and hyperpigmentation that surpasses anything we've witnessed before. This pioneering treatment is unparalleled, being the only one of its kind capable of tackling every type of skin pigmentation, even tenacious conditions such as melasma. Prepare to experience remarkable results like never before with the MeLine peel treatment..

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About MeLine

MeLine presents a comprehensive series of in-clinic treatments that are both swift and painless, delivering rapid and impressive outcomes. This transformative course of MeLine treatments effectively minimises visible hyperpigmentation, including challenging conditions like melasma, by an astounding 90-95% within a span of 60-90 days. Prepare to witness the remarkable transformation of your skin with MeLine's expedient and highly effective approach. 

Who is MeLine suited for?

Experience the pinnacle of advanced skin care therapies with MeLine, an exceptional solution designed to address a myriad of concerns. If you're looking to address issues such as hyperpigmentation, melano-hematic pigmentation, ageing signs, sun damage, acne, or dermatitis, MeLine provides an ideal solution. Unlock the potential for rejuvenation and restoration as MeLine targets and effectively treats these diverse skin conditions with remarkable precision. Looking for a MeLine treatment near you? Book in a consultation with Aesthetics Collective today.

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How long does the treatment take?

MeLine consists of a comprehensive course comprising two peel treatments spaced over a two-month duration, complemented by follow-up home care products.


  1. Consultation: In your first visit, our expert team will closely examine your skin and give you advice on how to prepare. To get the best results, you'll need to use a special product that stops skin colour changes and protects your skin from the sun before your first peel. We provide this special product before your treatment starts.

  2. First Application: In this session, a skincare professional will skillfully apply your specific peel. You will also get your first batch of products to care for your skin after the treatment.

  3. One Week Review: During your follow-up appointment, which will take place one week later, a skin expert from Aesthetic Collective will evaluate the condition of your skin after the peel. They will also give you two extra products to help your skin heal better.

  4. Second Application: After three weeks of the first treatment, you need to come back for the second peel. After that, for the next four weeks, you should keep using the recommended aftercare products. This will help take good care of your skin and achieve the best possible results.

What should you expect during your treatment

For those seeking a pain-free resolution to pigmentation, MeLine offers an ideal solution. This remarkable treatment involves a gentle peel that remains on the skin for a duration of two to four hours.

Experience the convenience and efficacy of MeLine as it effectively addresses pigmentation concerns without discomfort.


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Recommended Course of Action:

Embark on a transformative journey with MeLine, a comprehensive 90-day program that includes treatments at the clinic and a personalised skincare routine you can do at home. This carefully curated course of action ensures a holistic approach to address your specific skin care needs, resulting in remarkable results and a renewed complexion. Experience the power of MeLine as it combines professional treatments with personalised home care for an optimal skin care experience.

Post-Treatment Care:

At your Skin Treatment Consultation you will receive a comprehensive briefing on the essential aftercare measures to follow.
To support your skin's healing and recovery, you will be provided with a complete pack of MeLine products designed specifically for use before and after your peel treatments. These specialised skincare products will assist in maximising the benefits of your treatment and ensuring optimal results. Trust in the guidance and support of Aesthetics Collective as you embark on your skincare journey with MeLine.

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Products you should avoid using while undergoing the MeLine Treatment:

During the course of the MeLine treatments, it is strongly advised to refrain from using any non-MeLine products for the entirety of the program, which spans approximately two months.
This precaution ensures optimal results and prevents any potential interference with the effectiveness of the treatment.
Embrace the exclusive use of MeLine products throughout the duration of your program for the best possible outcome.

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